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Bellapart Solicitors, established by Mr. Juan Bellapart (deceased in 1998) is a friendly team of individuals that specialises in helping British (or foreigners in general) people here in Mallorca. Spanish systems, be they legal, tax, buying, selling, etc can be very trying (even when you are Spanish!).

There is a way of doing things here, with no short cuts. Paperwork must be done properly, everything must have the correct official stamps and if you get things wrong, ie, you find you do not have the correct planning permissions, the result can be a disaster.

We speak fluent Spanish, English, German and French and have been dealing with these systems for many years.

Born in 1971 in Krefeld, Germany, of a German mother and Spanish father, Alejandro Bellapart grew up and was educated in Mallorca, apart from a pre-university year in Boston. He obtained his Law degree in the Balearic University, after which he worked for a year as a junior solicitor in two Frankfurt and Hamburg law offices before becoming a junior partner in Bufete Bellapart, his father’s practice for over 30 years.

In 1998 Juan Bellapart sadly died suddenly and Alejandro took over the practice which has since gone from strength to strength. Bufete Bellapart under Alejandro is now a thriving practice maintaining the old clients, many of whom have become fast friends over the years, and continually adding new clients, usually through personal recommendations. The practice deals mainly with foreign investment and fiscal matters pertaining to property in Majorca. There is a resident solicitor to handle Court affairs of all descriptions, also family and penal law. We have a resident Administrative 'Gestora' or Agent, and also a Chartered Accountant/Auditor. The policy at Bufete Bellapart is to maintain long and close relations with clients over many years and the office is proud of its success in achieving this aim.

Of course he is fully at home both in English and in German, while always holding fast to local traditions and customs, for, like a true Majorcan he has no difficulty reconciling his diverse ancestry with belonging wholeheartedly to his island home.

We Are:

  • Alejandro Bellapart Heine
    Languages: Spanish/English/German

  • Marija Kruglova
    Юрист, экономист, политолог
    Languages: Russian/Spanish/English

  • Pilar Bagur
    Gestor Administrativo
    Languages: Spanish/English

  • Laura
    Office Assistant
    Languages: Spanish/English/German

  • Olga Gambino
    Languages: Spanish/English
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